Website Community Access


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    There are two sides to this website.  Most of the site is public and can be found with Internet search.  When the general public visits this website they DO NOT HAVE ACCESS to the protected side of the website.

    As shown below, the menu shall not have a Community  link item.

    However, when the visitor is both
    1. logged into their Google Account
    2. the account is a member of a restricted Troop160 Google Group (e.g. "Scouts" or "Adults")
    then the menu will show the Community.

    The purpose of the Community section is to enable all Scouts and adults to participate more freely in the enrichment of communication through content.  Content may be created and review first in the  Community section may be curated for the public section of the site.  Perhaps we can improve Troop 160 Scouting for cased where Web technology is helpful.   The Community section makes this safe. Sometimes certain information is also sensitive for publishing on the public.  For example our troop "directory" which has street addresses and telephone numbers and email address is not suitable for the public posting.