Website FAQ

How do I get help?

If you have a problem or question about the website you may send email to

How do I add or edit pages on the website?

The Troop 160 committee authorizes various adults to edit content on the website.  This includes troop committee members and other adult volunteers. We need more interested parents to volunteer to help with editing the website. Interested and trained Boy Scouts with specific troop leadership positions may help with editing too.  Any Scouts interested in helping with the public website should contact their Patrol Leader or Senior Patrol Leader.

Everyone in the Troop 160 community via Google Group access using their Google Account may add or edit pages through Website Community Access in the non-public portion of the site. 

What is the Internet domain for Troop 160?

Our troop's domain is

There is also a second domain

Why are their two Internet domains?

The answer includes both a story and a lesson.

First the story.

Years ago when our troop first started to use email and host a traditional Wordpress based website the goal had been to use one Internet domain ( for both email (addresses and lists) and the website.

The prior website had been implemented on a second domain ( in such a way that the website's homepage could be addressed by URLs from both domains. Since these early days, one could reach the website homepage through any of following URLs. Redirects, then and today, ensure a Web browser correctly reaches the troop's website.

redirects to
redirects to

Now the lesson.

In hindsight, given the original intention of having only one Internet domain (, the troop's website should have been implemented with the hostname ( Instead,  a second domain ( had been used to implement the website with the hostname (  In order to support home page URLs on the originally intended domain, redirects were used.  However, Web browsers and Internet search engines always see the implementation domain.

Simple question: What is the URL of the the Troop 160 website?

The simple answer is

Another shorter URL without the "www" also works; it may fit better in places without much room to type

Both URLs redirect to the home page of website implemented as

Note: the Web browser will display and bookmark implementation URLs. Also, Internet search engines will index implementation URLs. 

How is the website implemented?

This Troop 160 website is implemented (i.e. hosted) using a free service called Google Sites.  Specifically, the troop's Internet domains are serviced for free using Google Apps.  Prior to March 2015 the website was implemented in Wordpress hosted at

Using Website Community Access you can learn more about how the website implementation details and contribute to the website.

Why do some URLs use a hostname (

For users with a Google Account who use Website Community Access you may see URLs in the browser change to look like this

This "secure" ( URL referencing the Troop 160's Google Apps account may be used when the user is logged into their Google Account and the user is
  1. using Website Community Access
  2. editing the website
In either of those case the user will will always see the ( URLs.  This is necessary for Google Sites to securely authenticate and authorize users to edit the site and use the Website Community Access.

It is not ideal to have this Google branded, somewhat ugly URL in these cases.  However, we are leveraging powerful features for free and this is how the Internet (the "Cloud) works currently.  It is called "Software as a Service" (SaaS). Having consistently branded, secure hostnames may be a future (affordable) opportunity for the troop's website.

All public pages on the website will work at either the branded ( URLs or the ( URLs. However, the public will not generally discover the ( URLs because Internet search engines index the branded ( URLs.