Cook-O-Ree Report

Our annual Cook-O-Ree was held November 15th in Camp Acton.  In addition to cooking our Thanksgiving dinner in the woods, we hosted a group of 15 Webelos II Scouts and families for the day, The chilly day did not thwart our efforts to roast 9 turkeys in our traditional manner!  In total, we fed over 110 people, and still had plenty of food left to donate a turkey with all the fixings to a local shelter!  12 Webelos II Scouts and 8 parents braved the cold and stayed overnight, joining 38 Scouts and 8 adults from Troop 160.  Those who camped earned 13 degrees of frost in one overnight!

Webelos II parent Cerise Jalelian poses with some of the dessert pies that she helped bake during the day.


Most of the turkeys cook while hung over radiant heat.

Special thanks to Ard Konijnenberg for organizing the turkey roast; Mike Ames for deep frying two birds (and making his famous French fries!); Mary Lockshin for running the pie station; Katie Sultan, Monique Bennema, and Hank Manz for doing a lot of shopping; and Pamela Cohen for filling in as Scoutmaster during the day.  Special shout out to Scott Wilson at Wilson Farms in Lexington for providing the Turkeys!

White Mountains Camping Trip Oct 11-13

Troop 160 Scouts and Adults,

The annual White Mountains camping trip is happening over Columbus Day (October 11-13) and is fast approaching! The foliage should be fantastic.

There are two options when going on the trip:

  1. Camping and day hikes from Barnes Field Campground at the base of Mount Washington / Mount Madison (all ages)
  2. Backpacking trip (for 2nd year scouts and up)

Download the registration form here

I will be collecting registration forms and payment at the next two troop meetings. It’s important that we know who is planning on participating, both scouts and adults, in order to properly plan for the trip. For the trip to be successful, we need adult volunteers/participants for both trip options, and a volunteer to help with trip coordination prior to the trip.

Peter Dube


It is time to register for the new scouting year! On Thursday, September 18, 2014 we will be holding a second fall registration session during the scout meeting.

We have made some changes to the process to make it easier to re-register your scout.
(More detail is available on our Annual Registration Page.)

If your son is a RETURNING Scout to Troop 160 this Fall, please stop by the registration table during the scout meeting on September 18th, 2014 to renew his registration.

To re-register, you will need to:
Verify/update the existing Troop 160 registration info sheet for your son (no forms to fill out, you will be reviewing the registration paperwork we have on file for your scout).
Pay the appropriate registration fee(s)
Pay by check, payable to Troop 160

If your son is a NEW Scout to Troop 160 this Fall 2014, please come to registration night in the St. Brigid Parish Center (map), we will have all the forms needed to register your scout.

Also, all registration forms are available on our Annual Registration Page

It is the goal of Troop 160 that no Scout is excluded from basic troop activities such as registration, overnights and summer camp due to financial hardship. Financial assistance is available.

First Troop Meeting is Sept. 4th

The first Troop meeting of the new school year will be on Sept. 4th.

Also on Sept. 4th there will be an adult Social Time during the meeting, 7:30pm – 8:45pm. Please come join other adults to catch up and share summer stories. This is an excellent chance for new scout parents to meet some of the other scout parents and adult leaders in the Troop.

Dave Warburton