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Packing Lists

Every camping trip is different,  different locations,  different activities,  and very different and variable weather. Below are some packing lists for typical scout trips

New Scout Camp out Troop 160 often will camp overnight in Willard's Woods each Spring with new Scouts.

Here is a recommended list of gear to pack for Willard's Woods overnight camping trip.

OVERNIGHT CAMPING Troop 160 often will camp overnight for one night, just to get out of the house,  or as part of another planned activity such as a long day hike.

Here is a recommended list of gear to pack for a typical overnight camping trip.

BACKPACKING  Scouts will have the opportunity to go on many weekend or three day weekend backpacking trips.  Packing for a backpacking trip can be challenging because of the need to be self-sufficient, without over packing.

Here is a recommended list of gear to pack for a weekend backpacking trip.

COLD WEATHER CAMPING. Since Troop 160 camps year-round, we need to pay special attention to gear for cold weather camping. The coldest of Troop 160's winter trips  is the annual Deep Freeze.   Here is the  Deep Freeze packing list

SUMMER CAMP  For summer camp  the checklist is a bit different.  Summer camp is a week of hot weather, water sports and outdoor activity.   Here is the troop 160 checklist for summer camp

WHITEWATER RAFTING AND CANOEING On spring whitewater camping trips  the river can be frigid,  and the camping pleasant.  In the summer the water is warmer and you can swim in the river as you float downstream.

Here is a typical packing list for a spring white water rafting trip.
Here is a typical packing list for an overnight canoe trip.

HIGH ADVENTURE The Boy Scout High adventure trips require careful planning,  because the conditions  can very different from New England,  and the trips are longer and more challenging.

Here is the troop packing checklist for Sea Base.