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Where do I start planning for Summer Camp?

It is all explained (dates, forms, requirements and links to important documentshere.

How much money should I bring?

$10 to $30 per week for the Trading Post, depending on handicraft activities.

How do we get there?

For directions to Griswold Scout Reservation (home to Hidden Valley and Camp Bell), see the Directions to Camps at the  Daniel Webster Council website, or download these printer-friendly directions

The directions are the same to both camps. To get to Camp Bell, you continue along the dirt road from the Hidden Valley parking lot. It should take 2 hours to get there from Lexington.

When should we arrive at camp?

Arrive no later than 1:00 PM on Sunday for either week. The entire Troop must wait until all members have arrived before we can check in together, so please, do not be late.

What should I have ready when I arrive?

You should wear your Class A uniform and carry a daypack. Your pack must remain with you and should contain your Troop 160 t-shirt, swimsuit, towel, filled water bottle, bag lunch, and any medications. All other luggage will be checked in and brought to the campsite. All luggage items should be clearly marked with your name and “Troop 160” for easy identification.

What else should I bring?

The following page titled What to Pack has a list of personal gear to bring to camp. Use the checklist to be sure you have everything you’ll need. Be sure to mark all your gear with your name and “Troop 160” or “T160.”

How should I hang my mosquito netting over my bed?

You should only use kite string to hold netting over your sleeping bag. Other alternatives are not permitted (i.e. duct tape can damage the tents).

What about troop photos?

The troop photo is taken on BOTH Sundays, during the check-in process. If you are interested in having a photo from both weeks, you need to give the Troop 160 leader an additional fee, usually under $10, when you check in at Camp Bell. One photo is provided for each scout, courtesy of the Pancake Breakfast.

How do I do my laundry at camp?

There are no machines for washing and drying your clothes at camp. You are welcome to wash and dry your stuff “the old fashioned way” in the campsite.

When can my family come for a visit?

For Scouts attending camp for only one week family visits are not practical.

For Two-Week Campers families can and in fact MUST visit on the Saturday between Camps. There is no program in either Camp Bell or Hidden Valley on Saturdays. 

Families of scouts attending both weeks of camp MUST come and pick up their scout for the day on Saturday, go out to eat, do laundry, etc. Parents will need to arrive at 9:00 AM, and can return after 5 PM. Any Scout planning on leaving camp with someone other than his legal guardian needs to make that request known to the Summer Camp coordinator and the Scoutmaster (in writing with the adult’s cell phone and e-mail). Once confirmation is made for who will pick up your scout on the Saturday between camps, please DO NOT change this especially once camp is in session. This is also true for parents picking up their scout at the end of camp. This rule is in place to protect our Scouts and is far more important than the convenience of last minute pick-up arrangements.

Can I call home?

Scouts are only permitted to use a camp phone in case of an emergency and must have a Troop 160 adult leader present. Please do not encourage your Scout to call home.