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Packing for Summer Camp

DO NOT take to camp!

Leave at home: Pets, sheath knifes, fireworks, firearms ammunition, bows and arrows, radios, tape players, CD players, televisions, walkmans, electronic games, squirt guns, dice, un-scout-like literature
  • Alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs are not permitted at camp.
  • Valuable items should be left at home.

What should I take to summer camp?

How should I pack?

  • Remember to label all items.
  • A large lidded plastic tub is useful as a trunk, available at house-ware stores.
  • Scouts will be doing their own cooking at Camp Bell so don’t forget the hot sauce and the Camp Bell Cookbook.

Packing List

Personal Gear

Optional Items

Scout uniforms Compass
Extra shirts Camera and film
Extra pants Sunglasses
 Extra Shorts Songbook
 Extra Socks Nature books
 Extra underwear Sports equipment
 Jacket and rainwear (poncho) Bible, prayer book
 Sleep wear Merit badge pamphlets
 Sneakers/lightweight hiking shoes Fishing gear
 Hiking boots Mess kit (or cup, bowl, plate, utensils)
 Swim suit Stationery and stamps
 Extra towels 
 Sleeping bag 
 Toilet items 
 Personal first aid kit 
 Flashlight and batteries 
 Wallet, money 
 Notebook, pen, pencil 
 Scout handbook 
 Non-aerosol bug lotion 
 Mosquito net 
 Laundry bag 
 Water bottle 
 Required items for merit badges 
 Day pack for around camp 

What do I need upon arrivial at camp?

Pack the following in the daypack for arrival:
  1. medications
  2. swimsuit
  3. towel
  4. uniform