Troop 160 uses a members-only Google Group for communication and sharing:

Troop 160 Members Only - this list is curated by the troop. You can't signup online, you need to contact troop leadership.

In addition, we also have special email groups for high adventure trips such as Sea Base, Matagamon, and Philmont.

  • Can I just use my current email with Google Groups?

Yes. See how email works with Google Groups.

  • Is a Google Account required?

No. But...If you have a Google Account, you may search & browse a Groups topic archive and you also get access to Troop 160's ebsite Community Access where Scouts and parents may contribute to this website.

  • I don't have a Google Account how can I get one?

You can create a Google Account very easily for free.

  • I don't want to replace my Yahoo, ISP, ... email with Google!

You can keep your existing email and still open a Google Account very easily.

  • Is every Scout required to have an email address?

Troop 160 Boy Scouts are not required to have a personal email address but each registered Scout should have an email address he may be contacted at, even if that is a parent's email address. Parents of younger Scouts may choose to just use their family email address and subscribe to the T160 group that way.

  • Why am I getting so much email from the Google Groups?

Members of the Scouts and Adults group may find that new topics and topic discussion causes a lot of email. When it comes to Boy Scout activities - there can be a lot of details and Troop 160 is big. Google Groups makes it easy to configure how much email (including no email at all) you receive from the Group. Maybe you just need a daily or weekly digest; or perhaps you just want to browse the tropics through the Group's web page regularly. Sometimes, it may be helpful to temporarily reduce stop or digest the email you are receiving.